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KVK: 77011368
BTW: NL860871848B01

Intevest Ontwikkeling is an energetic and experienced, forward-thinking property development company. Since 1998 we have been developing and investing in attractive real estate in Amsterdam, both independently and together with our partners.
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Intevest Ontwikkeling.

The development of high-quality residential and commercial properties – that is our specialisation. We (re)develop, transform and invest in existing properties and in new construction. Over the years, we have built a strong track record: In developing splendid projects for the owner-occupied and rental market. In building strong investment portfolios. And in establishing and maintaining lasting partnerships. We buy, develop, transform and sell real estate with an enormous drive, turning them into beautiful and successful properties. We do this by combining our knowledge of the market with creativity, decisive action and a strong commitment to our clients.

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Intevest Ontwikkeling is an Amsterdam-based property developer, consisting of a team of highly experienced real estate professionals.
We have been developing and investing in real estate for over twenty-two years.
We are a professional and passionate team. A love for real estate runs through our veins. We have all the necessary expertise to successfully manage matters such as zoning changes, permit applications, financing, project coordination and design.

We work with a strong network of bankers and other financiers, insurance companies, brokers, notaries and others who share our vision and approach. The close cooperation between these parties ensures that our property development projects invariably feature state-of-the-art designs and have the highest possible standards of renovation, innovation, sustainability and craftsmanship.

Partnership or lead.

At Intevest we are constantly on the lookout for properties that offer a lot of potential for development into high-quality residential and commercial projects. No matter what they were originally used for. These could be houses, shops, offices or vacant lots; we are always keen to explore the opportunities and possibilities. We are not held back by overdue maintenance or rental values that are (too) low. Perhaps you don’t want to sell any real estate yourself, but know of someone else who wants to sell his or her property? In that case too, we would love to hear from you. We offer a good reward in return for a lead.

Are you interested in a partnership with us, do you have a lead or other proposition we may be interested in? Then we would like to invite you for a meeting at our office.